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With our Research-backed, intensive,application-based language and communication programmes, your child masters the skills like effective self-introduction, compelling story telling, persuasive Public speaking and a lot more. fiber_manual_recordonly best English Lessons

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    Public speaking - not just a soft skill but a Life skill

    Public speaking help train child's mind for high quality content. Children use their heart and soul to leave an impact and use their body to effectively deliver it. This will be the best investment you can make for your child today.

    New-age skills

    The present requires us to be preparing for the future.
    Getting your child’s hands on new-age skills like blogging, Vlogging, podcasting, script writing need a nurturing environment and expert guidance throughout . Get them at ease with the digital world and the boundless opportunities along the way. 

    English fluency

    Tired of feeling embarrassed due to your crippled English?
    Our application based and interactive Language learning curriculum will attune you to
    social confidence bringing in better opportunities.

    your way to success

    How does SPRENGLUSH curriculum help?

    Story telling, public speaking

    Speaking in public is an art that can be mastered with the right determination and skills. sprEnglush teaches the learner to take control of their confidence, build it up and speak out without hesitation and fear. 

    Book talks, Group Discussion

    It can be hard to express one’s opinion in a tighter circle without feeling insecure. sprEnglush makes people believe in themselves and believe that their opinion is equally important as their fellow speakers. It teaches them to frames their ideas and opinions into appropriate sentences.

    Character playing

    Everyone is playing different roles in life but some roles are more difficult to portray than the other. sprEnglush teaches the learner’s to take control and play the part of a valuable colleague, team leader, boss, and head in various circumstances.

    Non-verbal nuances

    Non-verbal communication can speak volumes about a person without hearing a word from their mouth, sprEnglush teaches learners to build their non-verbal communication and make an impactful first impression.

    made to your needs

    Our Courses


    Fluent YOU I

    Children aged 6-12
    Ineffective communication is a handicap in present times. This course ensures that your kid's Communicative life skill and in their Personality Grooming starts young to help her take charge of her present as well as the future.


    Fluent YOU II

    Children aged 13-17

    The adolescent learners have their unique life situation and hence need personalised communicative practice. This course caters to polishing their all four language skills - L,S,R,W leading to better confidence and personality.

    Cambridge Board First Language English

    For Cambridge Board students

    The students & parents sweat First Language English in the Cambridge Curriculum. Stop stressing as our team at sprEnglush creates a native-like environment for our non-native english learners.

    Ace the Age

    English speaking course for 18+

    Communication classes for Adults have been our specialisation. Now, going digital, we at @sprEnglush aim to provide so in a comfortable and hesitation free environment in the ease of their homes .

    choose your best one

    Advantage SPRENGLUSH

    Focus on New-Age skills

    Youtubing, podcasting, blogging, creative writing and many more


    1:4 teacher-student ratio

    PUPIL CENTRED approach and democratic environment rule our classes.

    Personalized Course Design

    Each learner is unique, so we adapt our curriculum according to the requirements of our individual learners.


    Language is learnt through direct application, thus we have our curriculum loaded with activities for our learners.

    Cambridge-certified faculty

    Our Cambridge-certified faculty ensures the quality of pedagogy is maintained. 

    Leadership Communication

    Communication is often confined to the spoken and written. But what about the most important non-verbal aspect to it?

    The Best New Way to Learn a Language

    Exploration: The first step to success is exploring the possibilities and learning a pace and style that suits the learner.

    Experimentation: The second step is to experiment and apply the lessons and test the learner’s knowledge and how well they can apply the lessons to day to day lives.

    Expression: The third and the last step is to learn to express oneself with confidence and communicate opinions and feelings with the right words.



    Team sprEnglush
    Your first steps

    Ensuring effective Communication
    Skills & Language learning

    Remove Social Awkwardness

    Does your child hesitate going up the stage?
    FACT: Those who cannot speak well, can’t succeed well. 

    Think in English

    A complete 360-degrees environment needs to be created wherein the child gets to experience and live through the language structures.

    Remove stage fright

    Try enacting the same sentence in different moods and expressions, and you shall know!

    Stage handling, art of anchoring

    What is Creativity if not EXPRESSED ?

    Polishing body language

    Unable to form correct sentences?
    Or being unable to put across his ideas effectively?

    Instilling curiosity & effective questioning

    Effective language communication training requires an effectively designed and tested program.

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      Explore How Can sprEnglush Help You

      When you come to coaching or counseling, we work with you, your situation / issue and together we find the best solution for you

      Fluent You

      Our Fluent You courses are especially curated for children to help them learn at a comfortable pace and get engaged in fun activities that teach them how to apply their lessons.

      Ace the Age

      This program is designed for adults who want to build their confidence and improve their communication skills. Adults can learn at their own pace and will be able to apply the lessons to their day to day lives.

      Cambridge FLE

      The Cambridge course is for the learner whose first language is not English. This course not only helps them improve their English but it also teaches them to develop their confidence in the language.

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